movies i watched in 2012 for the first time.

At the very beginning of 2012 I decided it would be fun to write down every movie (fiction, documentary, made for tv movie, comedy special) exceeding 1 hour in length that I watched throughout the year. Shortly after I decided to challenge myself to watch at least 100 movies. Shortly after that I decided to watch 100 movies that I had never watched before.

On 12-31-2012 I finished this list:
1 sword of doom
2 dead heat
3 thor
4 the adventures of robin hood
5 stray dog
6 island of lost souls
7 the hidden fortress
8 the trip
9 the devil and daniel webster
10 dragnet
11 the comedians of comedy
12 the night of the hunter
13 tristram shandy: a cock and bull story
14 brazil
15 monty python’s life of brian
16 monty python’s the meaning of life
17 the bad sleep well
18 super 8
19 the man who fell to eath
20 crumb
21 religulous
22 tim and eric’s billion dollar movie
23 let the right one in
24 david cross: bigger and blackerer
25 orpheus
26 being elmo
27 testament of orpheus
28 pride and prejudice
29 princess from the moon
30 kuroneko
31 ultimate avengers 2
32 slacker
33 onibaba
34 the avengers
35 kevin smith: burn in hell
36 queen live…
37 equinox
38 the war room
39 submarine
40 drive
41 the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy
42 the innkeepers
43 cape fear (1991)
44 cape fear (1962)
45 the godfather part 3
46 reno 911!: miami
47 north by northwest
48 moonrise kingdom
49 the adventures of tintin
50 planet hulk
51 sherlock holmes: a game of shadows
52 woody allen: a documentary
53 on the waterfront
54 hugo
55 the faculty
56 with great power: the stan lee story
57 apocalypse now
58 summertime
59 awesome; i fuckin’ shot that!
60 the amazing spider-man
61 the hunger games
62 wanderlust
63 broadway danny rose
64 everything must go
65 quadrophenia
66 and everything is going fine
67 rashomon
68 the artist
69 finding nemo
70 the master
71 abbot and costello meet frankenstein
72 the wolf man
73 mansome
74 harold and maude
75 his girl friday
76 tiny furniture
77 the dark knight rises
78 white christmas
79 prince of darkness
80 doctor strange
81 the heart is a drum machine
82 sansho the baliff
83 black sabbath
84 time after time
85 ghidorah: the three headed monster
86 the jerk
87 invasion of the body snatchers (1978)
88 brief interviews with hideous men
89 phantom of the paradise
90 wolf
91 the purple rose of cairo
92 lost in la mancha
93 godzilla’s revenge
94 casa de mi padre
95 sisters
96 monster zero
97 the hobbit: the unexpected journey
98 M
99 the black cauldron
100 the fog
101 all-star superman

Here is a link to my Pinterest page to see all of the movie posters/covers!


Well, a few years ago I started one of these on tumblr, which for a while was a pretty regularly kept blog. I used it for mostly everything I was doing, whether it was new video, a fragment of a song lyric, ect. However, over the past year I haven’t posted much of anything. I haven’t been making videos on a regular basis, and although I have been recording my own music semi-frequently I only upload them to soundcloud and let them stay there/post themselves on facebook.

Then earlier this year Erica created a blog here on wordpress and after enjoying her (sometimes bi-weekly) posts I decided to give it another go. It really seems to inspire her, and I can say with no husband-bias that its made her an increasingly better writer and photographer (although she wasn’t too bad to start with!).

So whether it be a new video, lyrics, links, pictures, drawings (we have a scanner now!), or what have you, expect to see it soon! And hopefully frequently.